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Is this for OpenGL or OpenGL ES? In GL (3.1+), the best way to do this would be with a Uniform Buffer. In GL (3.1+), the best way to do this would be with a Uniform Buffer. - Andon M. Coleman May 12 '14 at 2:0 I want to send uniforms or attributes which are structs which are defined by me, or arrays of my structs to the shaders. They should be recognized by the application (C++) and the shader (GLSL). Is it possible? Where should I define them? Thanks. Posted 27-Jan-12 20:43pm. stigersh. Add a Solution. 1 solution. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Solution 1. Accept Solution Reject. Structs. In GLSL we can define structs, in a way similar to C. For instance, the following snippet of code declares a struct with two vec4s, and defines a uniform variable of that type. struct Colors{ vec4 Color1; vec4 Color2; }; uniform Colors myColors; To use the struct's fields inside a shader we use the same notation as in C. For instance. OpenGL基础: Uniform变量 -- 即统一变量 . 简单理解就是一个GLSL shader中的全局常量,可以随意在任意shader(vertex shader, geometry shader, or fragment shader)访问,不同的shader中uniform是一起链接的,初始化之后,不能修改其值,否则会引起编译错误。 详细的理解,我会写一篇解析篇,这个是实例篇版本,所以解析.

In the fragment shader we create a struct to store the material properties of the surface. We can also store them as individual uniform values, but storing them as a struct keeps it more organized. We first define the layout of the struct and then simply declare a uniform variable with the newly created struct as its type I used an uniform array previously for this, but it requires me to set the uniform values individually in a for loop and as far as I've understood it's better to use an uniform buffer for this kind of purpose. What I'd like to know here is that what is the correct way to send this kind of an array of structs to the shader? Obviously this. The members of a toplevel uniform block are laid out in buffer storage by treating the uniform block as a structure with a base offset of zero. If the member is a structure, the base alignment of the structure is N, where N is the largest base alignment value of any of its members, and rounded up to the base alignment of a vec4 OpenGL Software Development Kit Documentation, Sample Code, Libraries, and Tools for creating OpenGL-based Applications. SDK Home; Documentation; Libraries; Tutorials; Tools; Forums ; Clockworkcoders Tutorials . Uniform Variables Introduction. Uniform variables are used to communicate with your vertex or fragment shader from outside. In your shader you use the uniform qualifier to declare.

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To do this portably, you should use a Uniform Buffer Object. Presently, your struct uses 3+3+16=22 floating-point components and you are trying to build an array of 100 of these. OpenGL implementations are only required to support 1024 floating-point uniform components in any stage, and your array requires 2200 gl_multitexcoord0 - opengl uniform buffer struct UBO {vector4 data1; vector3 data2; float data3;}; struct SSBO {vector4 data1; vector3 data2; float data3;}; Ist das eine gute Idee? NEIN! Mach das niemals! Stellen Sie sich beim Deklarieren von UBOs / SSBOs vor, dass nicht alle 3-Element-Vektor- und Matrixtypen existieren . Stellen Sie sich vor, dass die einzigen Typen Skalare, 2 und 4. OpenGL基础 - 统一变量UniformSu Bill2 个月前OpenGL基础: Uniform变量 -- 即统一变量简单理解就是一个GLSL shader中的全局常量,可以随意在任意shader(vertex shader, geometry shader, or fragment shader)访问,不同的shader中uniform是一起链接的,初始化之后,不能修改其值,否则会引起编译..._opengl uniform

注:コード内でuniformを使用しない場合、 glGetUniformLocationはそれを認識せず、失敗します。 OpenGL ES 2のポータビリティ . 前のセクションでは、GLES2が精度のヒントを必要とすることを述べました。 これらのヒントは、データにどのくらいの精度を求めるのかを. Uniform locations are generated when a program is linked, so the locations of the uniforms may change from one program to the next. The data for those uniforms may have to be re-generated and applied to the new locations. A uniform block is simply a group of uniform variables defined within a syntactical structure known as a uniform block. For. How to pass uniform array of struct to shader via C++ code. Tag: opengl,opengl-es,shader. for eg. in FragmentShader:- struct LightSource { int Type; vec3 Position; vec3 Attenuation; vec3 Direction; vec3 Color; }; uniform LightSource Light[4]; main(){ //somecode } Now how can i send values for Light[4]. Best How To : You will need to get the location of each field of the struct for each array. 6 Appendix I: Built-In OpenGL Shading Language Variables and Functions Built-In Uniform State Variables The following sets of variables are available in both vertex and fragment shaders, and reflect the OpenGL state settings specified by the application. Note: All built-in uniform state, with the exception of gl_DepthRange Uniform Buffer Objects (or UBO in short) have been introduced with OpenGL 3.1.The uniform buffers bible can be found here: GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object. Uniform buffers are memory zones allocated in the video memory of the graphics card (they are GPU buffers) and allow to pass data from host application to GLSL programs.. The main advantage of using uniform buffers is that they can be shared.

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  1. c++ - array - glsl uniform struct . GLSL/C++: Arrays d'uniformes? (2) Je voudrais laisser les lumières d'OpenGL et faire les miennes. Je voudrais que mes shaders permettent un nombre variable de lumières. Pouvons-nous déclarer un tableau d'uniformes dans les shaders GLSL? Si oui, comment définirions-nous les valeurs de ces uniformes? Oui, il est possible de déclarer un tableau d.
  2. OpenGL为我们提供了一个叫做uniform缓冲对象(Uniform Buffer Object)的工具,使我们能够声明一系列的全局uniform变量, 它们会在几个着色器程序中保持一致。当时用uniform缓冲的对象时相关的uniform只能设置一次。我们仍需为每个着色器手工设置唯一的uniform。创建和配置一个uniform缓冲对象需要费点功夫
  3. OpenGL은 uniform buffer objects 라고 불리는 도구를 제공해줍니다. Struct: 각 요소들이 위의 규칙에 따라 계산된 크기와 동일합니다. 하지만 vec4 의 크기의 배수로 채워져있습니다. OpenGL의 설명서의 대부분의 것처럼 이는 예제를 통해서 이해하기 쉽습니다. 우리는 ExampleBlock라고 불리는 uniform block을.
  4. 一、在GLSL中使用Uniform Block在GLSL渲染语言中,我们经常采用缓冲区来存储Uniform型的Block。比如我们需要绘制下面这样的效果:在这里我们绘制了一个圆,圆内部颜色和外部颜色不同,而且边缘部分,颜色是平滑过渡的。我们这样来实现这一效果:首先定义一个内径和外径

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  1. In OpenGL ES 2.0, data is passed to and from shader programs in four ways: as uniforms for constant data, as attributes for vertex data, as buffer objects for other resource data (such as textures). In Direct3D 11, these roughly map to constant buffers, vertex buffers, and subresources. Despite the superficial commonality, they are handled quite different in usage
  2. To do this portably, you should use a Uniform Buffer Object. Presently, your struct uses 3+3+16=22 floating-point components and you are trying to build an array of 100 of these. OpenGL implementations are only required to support 1024 floating-point uniform components in any stage, and your array requires 2200. Uniform..
  3. Hi, farosis 撰写: Can you post all the shader source you used for linking? I tried with you code piece, but It links successfully. The complete shader files are attached (It is annoying to paste the codes into the reply which takes each row as separated part )

r/opengl: News, information and discussion about OpenGL development. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . r/opengl. log in sign up. User account menu. 7. GLSL struct alignments and uniform block layout modes. Close. 7. Posted by. u/Shingdaddy. 3 months ago. GLSL struct alignments and uniform block layout modes. So I've been trying to. Some problems I encountered: shader uniforms inside a struct named 'Frame' when linking shader, the size of that struct differs between VS and FS resulting in a non linking shader. I did a string replace for now to remove it as bgfx does..

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  1. struct BufferStruct { int* a; int* b; }; uniform restrict readonly BufferStruct* myBuffers; myBuffers is a shader storage buffer of type GLuint64 (buffer address handles), the translation from address handles to SSBOs a and b is done by OpenGL. This all works like a charm, but: It does not work with uniform buffer objects. If I change the code t
  2. A shader struct is loaded from two files, a shader.vert and shader.frag file. The shader struct's associated functions will parse the files for material uniforms and keep track of some meta data.
  3. OpenGL: uniform oder buffer? Dieses Thema wurde gelöscht. Nur Nutzer mit entsprechenden Rechten können es sehen. P. PhilippHToner zuletzt editiert von . Hallo, in meinem Vertex Shader brauche ich einen Puffer für mein Model, der 65536 x 2uints hält (=0,5MiB). Der Shader wird nur mit den nötigen Indices gefüttert, dessen Model er zeichnen soll. Meine Frage lautet, ob ich das mit einem.
  4. Structs and arrays of uniforms or attributes get further broken down, with each field getting its own location assigned. When we render using the program, we'll need to use these integer locations when we assign values to the uniform variables and when we map parts of the vertex array to attributes. Here, we use the function
  5. In OpenGL ES 2.0 sind uniform-Elemente der Mechanismus zum Bereitstellen von Konstantendaten für einzelne Shaderprogramme. In Open GL ES 2.0, uniforms are the mechanism to supply constant data to individual shader programs. Diese Daten können von den Shadern nicht geändert werden. This data cannot be altered by the shaders

OpenGL拡張の対応を調べたり,拡張を使えるようにするにはGLEWを用いるのが一番簡単である (参照:GLEWについて). GLSLシェーダはいくつかのOpenGL命令を用いてアプリケーション実行時にロード,コンパイル,リンクされる. -- If no, the parsing function may have to become a two pass parse. I'm not sure whether you can set default values for struct types (The parsing of inner property types uses the same = token check as uniform token processing (might be unnecessary). I've been using your library for a C#/OpenGL live stream every week, and it's been an enormous.

r/opengl: News, information and discussion about OpenGL development. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . r/opengl. log in sign up. User account menu. 4. Passing data from the program to a Struct uniform? Close. 4. Posted by. u/Taste_Of_Cherry. 7 months ago. Archived. Passing data from the program to a Struct uniform? Imagine I have. Metal was introduced in 2014 as a general purpose API for GPU-based computation. In 2018, Apple deprecated OpenGL in iOS 12 for both iOS and macOS. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to convert an app from using OpenGL to Metal. To complete this tutorial, you'll need a working OpenGL app

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opengl - glGetUniformLocation unpredictable behavior - i've defined struct in fragment shader, below: struct light_source{ vec4 ld, location; int type; float radii, specular_exponent; }; and i'm using uniform access struct members: uniform light_source light_sources[5]; now, c++ code, i'm getting uniform locations this:. Stupid OpenGL Shader Tricks Simon Green, NVIDIA . Overview • New OpenGL shading capabilities: - fragment programs - floating point textures - high level shading languages • Make possible interesting new effects • 2 examples: - Image space motion blur - Cloth simulation using fragment programs. Motion Blur • What is motion blur? - Rapidly moving objects appear to be blurred OpenGL extension ARB.uniform_buffer_object. This module customises the behaviour of the OpenGL.raw.GL.ARB.uniform_buffer_object to provide a more Python-friendly API . Overview (from the spec) This extension introduces the concept of a group of GLSL uniforms known as a uniform block, and the API mechanisms to store uniform blocks in GL buffer objects. The extension also defines both a. Structures: struct Arrays: [] 10 January 2008 An Introduction to the OpenGL Shading Language Language Basics: storage qualifiers const Local constants defined within shader uniform Constant shader parameters that can be changed between draws Do not change per-vertex or per-fragment attribute Per-vertex values (position, normal, color, etc.) varying Values output by the vertex shader, input by.

OpenGLES. Create 3D and 2D graphics effects using OpenGL ES, a compact and efficient subset of OpenGL. OpenGLES Documentatio 在OpenGL中一个 对象 是指一些选项的集合,它代表OpenGL状态的一个子集。比如,我们可以用一个对象来代表绘图窗口的设置,之后我们就可以设置它的大小、支持的颜色位数等等。可以把对象看做一个C风格的结构体(Struct)

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The uniform keyword of uniform block is replaced by the buffer keyword that shows the read-write feature of the buffer. Like with UBOs, OpenGL holds a binding point table in each rendering context. This table stores a kind a reference on each SSBO. For a GeForce GTX 660, this table is available with 96 entries uniform 変数は頂点シェーダにも渡せる。 例えば「四角形を描画ごとに移動させる」という処理を行う場合、glVertexAttribPointer() での操作では、毎度毎度「全頂点位置に加減算処理」を行い OpenGL への転送を行う必要がある Uniform variables for all of the ADS coefficients should be set from the OpenGL side, as well as the light position and the standard matrices. We'll assume that, in the OpenGL application, the variable programHandle contains the handle to the shader program object. How to do i

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OpenGL ES が「W要素」を持つ理由として、行列演算を行えるというメリットが有る。3要素のベクトルでは 4x4 行列と演算できないため。 拡大縮小行列(Scale) [ X, 0, 0, 0 ] [ 0, Y, 0, 0 ] [ 0, 0, Z, 0 ] [ 0, 0, 0, 1 ] ベクトルに対して「X方向に 倍、Y方向に 倍、Z方向に 倍」という命令を保存したもの。 回転. A valid OpenGL context must be created before calling any OpenGL function. Use the GL.Load and GL.LoadAll methods to prepare function entry points prior to use. To maintain cross-platform compatibility, this must be done for both core and extension functions. The GameWindow and the GLControl class will take care of this automatically. You can use the GL.SupportsExtension method to check. OpenGLのストレージ修飾子(inとかoutとか)についてです。これもあんまりまとまった記事がなさそうだったので自分用メモ前の記事同様OpenGL学び初めたばかりで、しかもネットの情報のみという浅い知識しか持ち合わせていないので、間違いがあったら教えてもらえるとうれしいです • Ein Fragment ist ein Struct, das durch die Pipeline wandert und am Ende in ein Pixel gespeichert wird 16. G. Zachmann Computergraphik 1 WS October 2019 Pipeline und OpenGL Die GPU als State-Machine • Man versetzt die Maschine in einen Zustand, der so lange besteht, bis er wieder verändert wird • Beispiel: kopiere Geometrie in eine Vertex-Liste (Vertex Buffer) • Effizienter up vote 4 down vote As i know it should be possible to output structs in OpenGL 4.0+, shouldn't it? No, it shouldn't. The GLSL specification is quite clear on this: vertex shader inputs and fragment shader outputs cannot be structs. From the GLSL 4.4 specification, sectio. Recommend:opengl - Color interpolation in Fragment Shader GLS

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OpenGL OpenGL (Open G Uniforms: someMatrix wichtig ist vor allem die struct Material wird in den entsprechenden Aufgabenstellungen näher erläutert. CGViewer Wichtige Dateien/Klassen Shader sind im Unterverzeichnis Shader abgelegt: VertexShader: vertex.glsl FragmentShader: fragment.glsl werden von der Scene automatisch geladen: void reloadShader() während der Aufgaben werden neue. OpenGL加载器生成器未定义对 gl:: bindBuffer,等( OpenGL函数)的引用; OpenGL vs OpenGL ES和 OpenGL 1.x vs OpenGL 2.0学习什么? opengl 2.0创建模糊滤镜使用 fragment 明暗器相邻像素访问相邻像素? opengl顶点着色器如何将颜色信息传递给 fragment 明暗器? 问题链 OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is Uniform Buffer Object, Primitive restart: 3.2 August 3, 2009 GLSL 1.5, Geometry Shader, Multi-sampled textures: 3.3 March 11, 2010 GLSL 3.30, Backports as much function as possible from the OpenGL 4.0 specification 4.0 March 11, 2010 GLSL 4.00, Tessellation on GPU, shaders with 64-bit precision: 4.1 July 26, 2010 GLSL 4.10, Developer-friendly debug outputs. uniform gl_FogParameters gl_Fog; struct gl_LightSourceParameters { vec4 ambient; vec4 diffuse; vec4 specular; vec4 position; vec4 halfVector; vec3 spotDirection; float spotExponent; float spotCutoff; float spotCosCutoff; float constantAttenuation; float linearAttenuation; float quadraticAttenuation; }; uniform gl_LightSourceParameters gl_LightSource[gl_MaxLights]; vec4 ambient; }; uniform gl. The OpenGL context (effectively a giant struct containing each piece of data used to render) has an array of uniform buffer binding points. Buffer objects can be bound to each of these binding points. For each uniform block in a program, there is a reference, not to a buffer object, but to one of these uniform buffer binding points. This reference is just a numerical index: 0, 1, 2, etc

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The following are code examples for showing how to use OpenGL.GL.glGetUniformLocation(). They are from open source Python projects. You can vote up the examples you like or vote down the ones you don't like. Example 1 . Project: hienoi Author: christophercrouzet File: renderer.py MIT License : 6 votes def _get_uniform_locations(uniforms_data, programs): Retrieve the OpenGL uniform locations. I am following an OpenGL tutorial series and it got to the point where the program needed some code abstraction. I followed the tutorial on the abstraction of VBOs, IBOs and the like and when it got time to do the shaders, I decided it would be a good opportunity for me to practice, so I did my best to make it happen. Seeming as I am fairly new to C++ I thought it would be a great idea to post.

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This tutorial will use OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) library, which is written in C++. GLM tends to use the same conventions as GLSL, and so will be easier to start with. Its documentation also describes replacements for deprecated OpenGL 1.x and GLU functions, such as glRotate, glFrustum or gluLookAt, which comes in handy if you already used them. Alternatives exist, such as libSIMDx86 (which also. Of course uniform variables can be any valid GLSL type including complex types such as arrays or structures. OpenGL provides a glUniform function with the usual suffixes, appropriate for each type. For example, to assign to a variable of type vec3, one would use glUniform3f or glUniform3fv.. For arrays, we can use the functions ending in v to initialize multiple values within the array OpenGL限制了它能够处理的uniform数量,这可以通过GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_COMPONENTS来查询。当使用Uniform缓冲对象时,最大的数量会更高。所以,当你达到了uniform的最大数量时(比如再做骨骼动画(Skeletal Animation)的时候),你总是可以选择使用Uniform缓冲对象 In this video, we detect and handle struct uniforms in our uniform system. Code: https://github.com/BennyQBD/3DGameEngine When trying to use a struct as a uniform parameter in a GLSL shader Ogre prints a warning that it cannot parse the uniform declaration and using it will fail. One reason this is

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Seam-Problem beim Zuordnen einer Textur zu einer Kugel in OpenGL (4) Ich versuche, Geometrie zu erstellen, um die Erde in OpenGL darzustellen. Ich habe mehr oder weniger eine Kugel (näher an dem elliptischen Geoid, das die Erde ist). Ich kartiere eine Textur der Erdoberfläche (das ist wahrscheinlich eine Mercator-Projektion oder etwas. OpenGL Shading Language, Third Edition, 2010 sowie John Kessenich (Dave Baldwin, Randi Rost). The OpenGL Shading Language Language Version: 1.40, Chapter 7, 2009 (modifiziert) Ein- und Ausgabe eines Fragment-Shaders. Quelle: basierend auf Randi J. Rost, Bill Licea-Kane. OpenGL Shading Language, Third Edition, 2010 sowie John Kessenich (Dave Baldwin, Randi Rost). The OpenGL Shading Language. 2列3行的浮点矩阵(OpenGL的矩阵是列主顺序的) mat2x4: 2列4行的浮点矩阵: mat3x2: 3列2行的浮点矩阵: mat3x4: 3列4行的浮点矩阵: mat4x2: 4列2行的浮点矩阵: mat4x3: 4列3行的浮点矩阵: sampler1D: 用于内建的纹理函数中引用指定的1D纹理的句柄。只可以作为一致变量或者函数. This is an in-depth description of our minimal OpenGL project which can be found on gitlab. Here we define two structs which will help us hold important data later in the program. The Scene holds the current shader program ID and the ID of the vertex array object that are supposed to be drawn. Our vertex data is described by the Vertex struct which consists of a 3D position and an RGB.

Since the minimum requirements that we have a grid class, we can define a vertex in OpenGL: struct Vertex { glm::vec3 Position; glm::vec3 Normal; glm::vec2 TexCoords; }; We will all need to store vectors called Vertex structure, we can use it to index each vertex attribute. In addition to the Vertex structure, we also need to sort out the texture data to a Texture structure. struct Texture. Question: Tag: c++,opengl I have a model successfully loaded, but now I want to transform it. Suffice it to say that I know how transformations work and the various transformations I can do through vectors and matrices and simply applying them to the model matrix which is then passed to the vertex shader through a uniform variable Uniform variables that are structures or arrays of structures may be queried by calling glGetUniformLocation for each field within the structure. The array element operator [] and the structure field operator . may be used in name in order to select elements within an array or fields within a structure. The result of using these operators. Est-ce pour OpenGL et OpenGL ES? Dans GL (3.1+), la meilleure façon de le faire est avec un Uniforme de la mémoire Tampon. puis-je l'utiliser avec GLES 2.0 ? Non, et c'est pourquoi je vous demande d'être plus précis avec vos tags. Vous avez ce tag pour ES et GL

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Créer un compte. Vous n'avez pas encore de compte Developpez.com ? L'inscription est gratuite et ne vous prendra que quelques instants ! Je m'inscris Support uniform struct. 3. Remove opengl version attribute in `GLCanvas`. 4. fix: return first `lastIndexId` object when picking a point. 5. Generic `ILayout<T>` separated from `UIRenderer`. 6. `ViewPort` supports `ILayout<ViewPort>`(tree layout). `Scene` supports multiple view ports. 7. `ViewPort` integrated in picking. 8. Use opengl window coordinate system in picking. ## v1.0.6.8: 1. Project Management. Content Management System (CMS) Task Management Project Portfolio Management Time Tracking PDF Educatio OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) A C-like language and incorporated into OpenGL 2.0 Used to write vertex program and fragment program No distinction in the syntax between a vertex program and a fragment program Platform independent compared to C OpenGL Shading Language Reference Appendix B Rob Jones Uniform Reference The following lists all GLSL built-in uniform variables with their types. The built-in uni-forms can be accessed from either vertex or fragment shaders and are automatically updated and maintained by the OpenGL implementation you are using. Matrix State uniform mat4 gl_ModelViewMatrix; uniform mat4 gl_ProjectionMatrix.

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struct Uniform (T); OpenGL uniform variable. This is a wrapper around a GLuint generated by glGetUniformLocation(program, name). An object of this type is returned by ShaderProgram.uniform(name). const @property GLuint location (); The location of this Uniform. void set (in T value); Calls the correct glUniform function, based on the type T. (It calls one of: glUniform1f, glUniform1i. OpenGL cube. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Mjiig / cube.c. Created Mar 1, 2012. Star 0 Fork 0; Code Revisions 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout. In OpenGL Shading language you can access built in OpenGL lighting states. Implementing an advanced lightning model would be compatible with standard OpenGL statements. Accessing Lighting States. You can access all OpenGL Lighting states and some derived states. The following tables can also be found in the OpenGL Shading Language specification: Light Source Parameters. gl_LightSource[] is a. I've setup an OpenGL environment with deferred shading following this tutorial but I can't make the second shader output on my final buffer. I can see that the first shader (the one that doesn't use lights) is working properly because with gDEBugger I can see that the output buffers are correct, but the second shader really can't display anything. I've also tried to make the second shader. Using OpenGL for shader parsing has some side effects; notably you will now get errors when trying to set an unused (and thus optimized away) uniform. Typically this means your shader is broken - but we traditionally keep your code working during a release support period

It's the first in a series of tutorials about basic lighting in OpenGL 2.x. In this tutorial, we start with diffuse reflection from a single directional light source and then include point lights and spotlights. Further tutorials cover extensions of this, in particular specular reflection, per-pixel lighting, two-sided lighting, and multiple light sources. When appropriate, we'll use the same. 3D rendering: Every time the game engine draws something using OpenGL ES, it uses reflection to pass uniform parameters and describe vertex formats to the API. It makes graphics programming much more productive! Importing JSON: The engine's asset pipeline has a generic routine to synthesize a C++ object from a JSON file and a type descriptor. It's used to import 3D models, level. An in memory cache of the OpenGL uniforms. More... struct GLUniformReference Structure used to keep track of named uniforms in the linked program object. More... class GLVertexArrayObject Specialisation of VertexDeclaration for OpenGL Vertex Array Object usage. More... class GLWindow struct GpuConstantDefinitio

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